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Alongside her own artistic work, Elaine is also the owner of Written Gallery & Store in York, which she runs with her husband Tony. 

Themed around the beautiful use of text in art and product design, Written is currently housed in a space shared with Elaine's own studio.


Having started out as a tiny pop-up 'gallery in a lobby' it has expanded into a small but perfectly formed showcase for Elaine's own work alongside other artist and makers work and selected 'products', all of which embrace and celebrate the use of printed words.

The space is also the location used for Elaine's workshops (when she's allowed to run them...).

Written Gallery & Store is currently only open Fridays and Saturdays but is a busy and thriving little gallery that visitors are always delighted to find or stumble upon, on a quite road in the Micklegate / Bishy Road area off York.

Written Gallery & Store is a proud member of Indie York, and is featured on the Indie York Map and website. It is also a supporter of the Just A Card campaign.

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